The translations compared

Amongst BÔ YIN RÂ ’s spiritual paintings, though not belonging to the Hortus Conclusus, we find the “Temple of Eternity”. – –

The Temple of Eternity reflects the structure and the laws and the hierarchy of eternal life. In all his works BÔ YIN RÂ points man towards this life, teaches him how to achieve this and what his position can be therein.
This Temple, its construction, its working and its illumination, is outlined in the book "More Light" in the chapters "The architects of the cathedral of humanity." (pdf pages 52-89 of The Standard-translation©) and "The secret of the ancient cathedral building works." (pdf pages 224-241 of The Standard-translation©). (Unfortunately this significant book is unavailable in the Authorized / Endorsed translation.)
Man has endeavoured to shape the spiritual in the earthly, thus "The Gothic cathedral is the most perfect image of this hierarchical cosmic order." (More Light, pdf page 70 of The Standard-translation©.)
As the translator makes the words of BÔ YIN RÂ accessible in a different realm just like the cathedral makes spiritual life accessible on earth, the translator works, so to speak, on behalf of BÔ YIN RÂ and the image he creates of the Original German Books should be as perfect as the image of the spirit represented by the Gothic cathedral.




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